Saturday, November 11, 2017

Professional Stress?

While multi-tasking, this phrase pop on my mind. But is there such thing as professional stress? I knew I just made it up but if I were to explain about the origin of that phrase- it boils down to one thing- STRESS-RELATED WORK, thus the word Professional. 

I've been through a very hectic week. Recording outputs, computing grades,making card entries, and on top of that are the classes, meetings and other assigned tasks specifically given to me. Indeed, it was very stressful. I was even confused on what to do first. Good thing I was able to manage it, but of course with some compromises. I learned to decline politely to my School Head's request because I have to finish writing entries to my student's report card which was to be given to their parents on Friday! She asked me to attend to the schools' Monitoring data for online submission which was due on the same day also. 

Personally, I do not complain on taking tasks that were assigned to me as long as I can do it and as long as it is not URGENT. I really don't like to do task that is time bounded along with other urgent tasks. It would be okay if that's the only thing that I have to attend to. The stress was indeed overwhelming! There are tasks that supposedly not on my concern but was delegated to me because I was the "only" one who can do it. Well, I am not really complaining but it was just so draining on my part.  

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