Saturday, October 1, 2022


We, humans, have multiple options to choose on how we live our lives. We can live in harmony with anyone, we can also choose to live with hatred and bitterness and we can also live without care for whatever is happening around us. It depends on us. 

But one thing that we should not forget is that whatever choices we'll be making- we should always consider the consequences. It's pre-knowledge after all. Unique as we are, we can judge our own actions whether what we are doing is correct or not. I wonder how some people find it challenging to live appropriately, and without stepping on someone's rights? I wonder how easy it is for others to mislabel someone for fun? I wonder too how we neglect someone's opinion just simply because we feel superior compared to them? 
We can be silly, we can be bossy but disrespecting others should not be an option. Indeed, RESPECT is important, because, in the absence of it, the world will be in chaos... 

OUR WORLD will be in CHAOS. 


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