Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WFW: Be Still

We came to a point in our lives wherein hope is seems out of sight. No matter how much we tried to remind ourselves that everything will be okay, still the anxiety within us remains.Lately I have so many concerns that I almost forgot to remember God's words: Be Still.

Sometimes, our human nature overpowered us even if we knew for a fact that God will never forsake us. The faith that we once have sometimes diminish because we haven't received an immediate answer to our prayers.

How To Remain Still In The Midst Of Troubles?

It's difficult indeed. Much more if the faith that we have for God is not that strong. Our anxieties grows even more when the situation seems so unfavorable for us. The questions like : What shall we do? How can we overcome this? Where do we go from here? and the likes, these are the questions that will weaken us little by little.

But God never fails us. His Words will forever hold true. We just need to strengthen our faith on Him. Being anxious will just mislead us to falter away from the truth. Above all, it will just hinder us to receive more blessings from God on the right time, at His appointed time.

Be still, knowing that we have a BIG GOD.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MYM: The Amazing Choir


These great crowd here are the Amazing Choir from one of our Church Lighthouses. They represents Kauswagan Lighthouse during our Church Anniversary. I consider them amazing because they were able to render such a wonderful songs with their great voices. Most of them are members of our Praise and Worship Team anyway so there's no doubt about it... ;)
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Love The Idea of Indulging Yourself in Straight Talk?

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pink Friday: Lovely Painting

This is a hand painting beautifully done. I took this picture from Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club during our Church Anniversary Celebration. I am so fascinated with paintings because I am a frustrated painter so all I can do is appreciate others' workmanship...

Isn't it so lovely?

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Friday Fragments: It's My First Time

Mommy's Idea

Well the calendar says that the first day of the week is Sunday, therefore I could start recollecting this week's happening with positive vibes:

Sunday: It was our Church's 25th Anniversary and at the same time it is our Executive Pastor's 40th++ birthday. We have it celebrated at one of the prestigious hotels in our place. It's pretty obvious that everyone was really having fun including delegates from our daughter churches. However, it rained so hard that night that transportation in going back home is quite difficult (for us who don't have wheels).

Monday: My hubby and I didn't report for work and planned to spend the rest of the day resting. I am not feeling well at that time too (cough and cold). However, a sudden turn of events unexpectedly happen. We need to have an emergency exit from our place for valid and considerable reason. Instead of having a restful day, it was quite stressful packing all our belongings and thinking of a place to transfer to and means of transportation for all our things. I was also given a chance to bid good bye to our dear friend, Blackie. It rained so hard again in the afternoon, good thing it was only for a shorter period of time (answered prayer). There was also a problem about the place where we are supposedly staying, they no longer have it for rent so we have no other choice but to leave all our things in one of the vacant rooms in our church(for free without baggage fee :). We went home to my mother to stay for a night and it was also her birthday.

Tuesday: I was late in coming to the office. My other's place is quite far and it took almost 30 minutes to travel. I haven't recovered yet from my present dilemma but i lift it all to God. I know He will never forsake us. We are more like vagabonds with no permanent place to stay. Carrying our big traveling bag, we went to my mother-in-law to stay there for a while. She also negotiated the owner of the room where we are going to stay though the room will be vacant until Saturday. She paid for the One month advance, one month deposit payment.

Wednesday: Same set-up we went home to my hubby's mother and spend another night there. Hubby is not feeling well.

Thursday: Hubby is not feeling well he did not report. I went home alone. We are still staying with his mother.

Friday: His condition gets worst. He still reported for work...

This week may not be that good for us but we are still hopeful for a wonderful experience for the days to come... I am still positive that everything happens for a reason. We may not understand it now but I know God will reveal it to us... There might be a lesson that He wants us to learn... God is watching us anyway ;)

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I just did.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

His Name is Blackie

Absolutely his color isn't BLACK. However, his name is BLACKIE, it rhymes with my name Jackie. He is every household's friend. He easily gets along well with, well, humans and it truly amazes me. The first time we saw him was when he stand outside our gate one night when we arrived home and playfully wagging his tail. He acted as if we are his owner. My husband told me that if a dog acted like that he is a friendly dog and he likes your company. I was hesitant at first because he was quite big and I am afraid he might bite me. We fed him that night and alas he is a vegetarian dog! or was he just so hungry that time. From that time on he became our regular visitor. However, last Monday he visited us again. That was the time when we packed all our belongings getting ready to move out. As if he can sensed that we are leaving, Blackie never leave my side. He just followed wherever I am going and he keeps on wagging his tails. I redirected him to his food but he seems to refused my offer. I talked to him assuming that he would understand what I am saying. I tried to push him away but he just won't let go. Wow, this dog is indeed so amazing. He might not able to perform tricks in front of me but his sense of attachment really amazes me. I deceived him by going outside the gate so he would follow me and ran back inside and close the gate. That was the last time that i saw Blackie.

Honestly, I miss him.

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Picture Perfect: "A Victorious Journey of Faith"

Bishop Bong surrounded with gorgeous ladies ;) oops, David was there! lol!

The journey was made possible because there was a man who obeyed the calling of God. There was a man who persevered and served God and influencing others to do the same. This man is just an ordinary man but God took Him from the worldly crowd and made him into what He is now. His victorious journey of faith begun 25 years ago, he was 25 years younger then. He overcome all the challenges because he fully trusted on God's faithfulness and sovereignty. 

His journey hasn't ended yet... The journey still continues...
Blessed Hope will still rise for the next generation to come...
And the man who started it all will continue to shine and will continue to serve as salt and light for others. He will continue to touch others lives... He will continue his journey until God will make His final appointment to be with Him in heaven...
Bishop Bong continue the legacy and the journey that you have started...
Continue to be a blessing to all of us!
to Blessed Hope brethren, Congratulations for the perseverance!
Picture Perfect

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WFW: God's Prevailing Purpose

The message is indeed very clear: We should wait for the will of God. No matter how much we direct or redirect our life, God's plan and purpose will still prevail.
Lately, I am into a situation wherein I was really caught by surprise. We never expected it to happen because we thought that everything is already in order. However, God prevails His plan (at least I managed to acknowledge it now that indeed it was His plan). I may not have fully understood it at first but He slowly revealed to me the reason why. I truly understood the situation it just so happened that I am unprepared and absolutely surprised. However, God is still in control of everything. I always told myself that whatever circumstances we are in, it shall all come to pass. I can sense that it really will.
We only have to learn to listen to His still small voice so that we can fully grasped His plan for us.
God bless everyone. Have a Word-filled Wednesday!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Pink Friday:

Beautiful flower decoration
with my huggy

I am back! This time, in tune to the week long celebration of the Silver Anniversary of our Church, the Blessed Hop Christian Community Church International, I am so proud to feature the workmanship of one of the leaders of the Church, Ma'am Mye Gaane. She used to be the Chairman of the Decoration Committee because of her exceptional talent. I wasn't able to take pictures on what she did to the stage. The background on the second picture was my piece of work as well. The XXV is a collage of pictures which shows the perfectly captured activities of the church for the past 25 years...

Glory to God for His faithfulness!

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Celebrating the Faithfulness of God

As part of the weeklong Silver Anniversary celebration of the Blessed Hope Christian Community Church International (BHCCCI), last Wednesday was the Solidarity Night. It is a welcoming activity for the delegates who came from different daughter churches. The church was jam packed not only with the members of the of the Mother Church but as well as with delegates from Negros, Bukidnon, Camiguin, Misamis Oriental and United Kingdom! Right after the dinner the event was started with praise and worship then followed by various presentations from the different departments of the BHCCCI Mother church.
Bishop Genesis T. Udang, our Executive Pastor delivered his message with full of thanksgiving. He shared to the congregation how faithful God is with the church. He acknowledged God being the source of everything. He reminisced how the church was started and how it grows into what it is right now. He also added that just like the faucet, the leadership of the church was just the channel but the source of water (the source of life) is God Himself.
I am indeed so blessed to be a part of this church. 
Below are just some of the snapshots that were taken together with my office mates and church mates before the activity started:
just for fun

faces, faces

while waiting for the activity to start

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Picture Perfect: Reminiscing the past...

Picture Perfect


Finally I am back after a long break from this meme... And as for this week's entry, I chose this picture simply because I just love to reminisce the past. Indeed time flew so fast. This picture was taken during our pre-nuptial pictorial (I featured most of it on my previous entries). I found this picture so perfectly captured, so candid and simply natural...

How about yours?  Show me what you've got!
Link your entries below and take time to visit others too.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is Your Car Insured?

Every car owner should always prioritize safety above anything else. Car accidents are sometimes caused by unexpected circumstances. No matter how a driver or the car owner tried to always consider safety upon driving, it is a reality that there are other drivers who are reckless enough and will put you in danger along the highway. With this, car owner must insured their car even just a short term insurance to ensure safety with less hassle application. Of course, one should look for a lifetime insurance but for immediate need, short term insurance can help.

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WFW: Isaiah 10:1-2

Government leaders and those in authority should be reminded of this and even our very own self. God created us equally. Whatever is our status right now, we all deserve for great respect and fair justice. The rich should respect the poor and do something to help them. On the other hand, the poor shall first respect themselves and then others and allow no one to humiliate them. We must learn to love and be fair with each other. I may sound too idealistic but that is how it should be. Imagine a world where oppression is out of the picture, and only peace prevailed. We could only imagine, isn't it?

Reality bites, the world is quite unfair because people do. All we could hope for right now is our final destiny- heaven. We are all but a passerby here on Earth. Soon we will all be gone to where our life will lead us- either eternal life or eternal condemnation. 

If we felt too oppressed and totally deprived, leave it all to God. Vengeance is not ours but His. :)

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