Thursday, August 25, 2011

His Name is Blackie

Absolutely his color isn't BLACK. However, his name is BLACKIE, it rhymes with my name Jackie. He is every household's friend. He easily gets along well with, well, humans and it truly amazes me. The first time we saw him was when he stand outside our gate one night when we arrived home and playfully wagging his tail. He acted as if we are his owner. My husband told me that if a dog acted like that he is a friendly dog and he likes your company. I was hesitant at first because he was quite big and I am afraid he might bite me. We fed him that night and alas he is a vegetarian dog! or was he just so hungry that time. From that time on he became our regular visitor. However, last Monday he visited us again. That was the time when we packed all our belongings getting ready to move out. As if he can sensed that we are leaving, Blackie never leave my side. He just followed wherever I am going and he keeps on wagging his tails. I redirected him to his food but he seems to refused my offer. I talked to him assuming that he would understand what I am saying. I tried to push him away but he just won't let go. Wow, this dog is indeed so amazing. He might not able to perform tricks in front of me but his sense of attachment really amazes me. I deceived him by going outside the gate so he would follow me and ran back inside and close the gate. That was the last time that i saw Blackie.

Honestly, I miss him.

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Keena said...

Dogs are quite intelligent. I hope he is ok... He is a cutie.

Assenav said...

Im so touched...i remember my puppy Pupudz... T.T
i hope blackie is okay...

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