Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WFW: Isaiah 10:1-2

Government leaders and those in authority should be reminded of this and even our very own self. God created us equally. Whatever is our status right now, we all deserve for great respect and fair justice. The rich should respect the poor and do something to help them. On the other hand, the poor shall first respect themselves and then others and allow no one to humiliate them. We must learn to love and be fair with each other. I may sound too idealistic but that is how it should be. Imagine a world where oppression is out of the picture, and only peace prevailed. We could only imagine, isn't it?

Reality bites, the world is quite unfair because people do. All we could hope for right now is our final destiny- heaven. We are all but a passerby here on Earth. Soon we will all be gone to where our life will lead us- either eternal life or eternal condemnation. 

If we felt too oppressed and totally deprived, leave it all to God. Vengeance is not ours but His. :)

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Jerralea said...

Good post - and I like what you said, that we need to remember we are passersby here on earth.

Now is not all there is!

Beth in NC said...

People hurt people, that's for sure. I'm grateful we have the Lord to lean on. He is faithful and true.

This life is but a breath.

We look towards eternity for sure.

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