Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WFW: Be Still

We came to a point in our lives wherein hope is seems out of sight. No matter how much we tried to remind ourselves that everything will be okay, still the anxiety within us remains.Lately I have so many concerns that I almost forgot to remember God's words: Be Still.

Sometimes, our human nature overpowered us even if we knew for a fact that God will never forsake us. The faith that we once have sometimes diminish because we haven't received an immediate answer to our prayers.

How To Remain Still In The Midst Of Troubles?

It's difficult indeed. Much more if the faith that we have for God is not that strong. Our anxieties grows even more when the situation seems so unfavorable for us. The questions like : What shall we do? How can we overcome this? Where do we go from here? and the likes, these are the questions that will weaken us little by little.

But God never fails us. His Words will forever hold true. We just need to strengthen our faith on Him. Being anxious will just mislead us to falter away from the truth. Above all, it will just hinder us to receive more blessings from God on the right time, at His appointed time.

Be still, knowing that we have a BIG GOD.

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Karen Kyle Ericson said...

That's one of my favorite verses. Beautiful application. : )

Keena said...

Your last sentence is the key- We serve a BIG GOD!!!! Thank you Lord!!

ceemee said...

This is a great reminder especially nowadays it seems the troubles are endless, the problems are more difficult.

kimmy said...

that was so inspiring..

by the way, do you mind checking out on Playful?

Janis Van Keuren said...

God can do infinitely more than we can imagine or try to do when we try to take control. He is definitely a Big God and we need to humbly sit still while He works.


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