Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WFW: God's Prevailing Purpose

The message is indeed very clear: We should wait for the will of God. No matter how much we direct or redirect our life, God's plan and purpose will still prevail.
Lately, I am into a situation wherein I was really caught by surprise. We never expected it to happen because we thought that everything is already in order. However, God prevails His plan (at least I managed to acknowledge it now that indeed it was His plan). I may not have fully understood it at first but He slowly revealed to me the reason why. I truly understood the situation it just so happened that I am unprepared and absolutely surprised. However, God is still in control of everything. I always told myself that whatever circumstances we are in, it shall all come to pass. I can sense that it really will.
We only have to learn to listen to His still small voice so that we can fully grasped His plan for us.
God bless everyone. Have a Word-filled Wednesday!

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Dawn said...

Love your post! Stopping by from WFW - I am now following you, would appreciate you following me back. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Wanda said...

Amen Jackie, God is control of and concerned about the details of our life.

kim said...

amen to that, girl!

Beth in NC said...

Great verse. I am thankful that God's purposes prevail over my man-made plans.

Bless you!

Alida Sharp said...

So grateful His plan and purpose prevails!

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