Thursday, August 25, 2011

Picture Perfect: "A Victorious Journey of Faith"

Bishop Bong surrounded with gorgeous ladies ;) oops, David was there! lol!

The journey was made possible because there was a man who obeyed the calling of God. There was a man who persevered and served God and influencing others to do the same. This man is just an ordinary man but God took Him from the worldly crowd and made him into what He is now. His victorious journey of faith begun 25 years ago, he was 25 years younger then. He overcome all the challenges because he fully trusted on God's faithfulness and sovereignty. 

His journey hasn't ended yet... The journey still continues...
Blessed Hope will still rise for the next generation to come...
And the man who started it all will continue to shine and will continue to serve as salt and light for others. He will continue to touch others lives... He will continue his journey until God will make His final appointment to be with Him in heaven...
Bishop Bong continue the legacy and the journey that you have started...
Continue to be a blessing to all of us!
to Blessed Hope brethren, Congratulations for the perseverance!
Picture Perfect

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Genefaith said...

He's indeed a man of God and may his life continue to bless others through his disciples...

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