Monday, August 29, 2011

Love The Idea of Indulging Yourself in Straight Talk?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The world is getting smaller because of the communication development that we have experienced right now. Unlike before, it is now easy to contact our love ones locally or globally without falling in line and wait for your turn to call in Long Distance Call Public Phone. Right at your finger tips, you can already hear their voices but of course it cost you somehow. However, thinking about your phone bills wouldn't be a dilemma anymore with the use of Straight Talk. You will really love the idea of having your phone bills cut into half which will make you feel richer than you think. With Straight Talk you will get everything you need. You can now call a friend without thinking much about the duration of your call and its corresponding cost. Plus you will also get the chance of availing  their available plans that will surely fit your budget. Indeed you could really save a lot. Right now your mind might be wandering on what to do with that amount you saved from using Straight Talk.

They have plans that is suitable for those heavy phone users with their "All You Need Plan" which has 1,000 minutes calls and 1,000 texts plus 30MB of web data. With their $45 Monthly, an equivalent of Annual $499 service fee it is already inclusive of text, calls, picture messaging and web browsing using Amazing Smart Phones. This is also ideal for the whole family considering that the call for 411 is already included and free of charge. They have available reconditioned phones that are as low as $10. Kids will surely love that and mom knows best about it that is why availing Straight Talk's benefits is such a  practical decision.

Straight Talk also offer International Long Distance Service which is a flexible calling service that enables you to make calls using your home or office phones. For more information on their available phones and what it could offer watch this:

Aren't you convinced yet? Watch this testimonial video from Straight Talk Customers and see for yourself:


Why look for something else when you can have everything you need with Straight  Talk. Don't you love the idea of indulging yourself with Straight Talk? Even those people who are into Hook, line and sinker are hooked with Straight Talk. Don't be the last to get hooked, avail it now.

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