Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cold Tuesday Morning

December is still more than a quarter away but I can feel the coldness of the weather.... inside our office! LOL!
With the two air-conditioners in high cool thermostat, all I can do is to wear my denim jacket to warm myself.
But if you go outside, what you can feel is the scorching heat of the sun penetrating your skin (I need a little of it, though).
But honestly, time flew so fast... Indeed very fast. And if I am going to recollect my past for this year alone, a lot of things really happened. To mention a few, I said I DO to the man whom I really love, I BID GOODBYE to the man whom I admired the most (my Boss), WE MOVED to a better location, and I WELCOME my upcoming bundle of joy (I am a soon-to-be-Mom)...

Nevertheless, I really thank God for His faithfulness. Indeed married life is not a piece of a cake with all the trials that we need to deal and overcome everyday. But with God's help, everything just fall into places. His presence is very evident in our lives. God is still in control!

And that faith shall lives on forever!

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