Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Take Part of the Korea Electronic Show 2011

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011 Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011

Amidst rigid competition throughout the world, Korea has proven their worth in electronics trading business with their successful launching of their advanced products that was being showcased from their past 41 Korean Electronic Shows. As  a matter of fact, they were ranked as 4th placer in the world electronics production. Their products has been used worldwide. And now, they will be showcasing their latest innovations on their upcoming 42nd Korea Electronic Show 2011 which will be held at KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The show will run from October 12-15, 2011. You can actually register online at www.kes.org.  

Last year, this show was participated by various IT representatives like Russia, China and India. This year  over 1,000 companies from 30 different countries will participate at the Korea Electronics Show. They will be showcasing ICT, Imaging and Solutions, Multimedia and Home Entertainment, Living Consumer Electronics, Car Electronics and Securities, Convergence and Other applications, Modules, Parts and Materials. They are also expecting buyers from North America, Europe, Middle East, including you of course, and 70,000 others to convene for this very special event. With their theme, Be Smart, you will get the chance to avail their latest products first hand before they will be out in the market.

The show will be fully covered by their media partners such as MBC, KBS, SBS, ETNEWS, MK business News and Korea Economic Daily. For more information  visit http://www.kes.org. To avoid delays in registration, pre-registered at  http://www.kes.org/visit/visitRegist.do.

Don't forget to visit and like their Official facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/kes.org and also catch their latest tweets at  http://twitter.com/kes_info. Don't be the last to know, take part on this annual Korea Electronic Show.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

MYM: Back View?


Enjoying God's wonderful creation.... I am a certified nature lover! Taken at one of the scenic spots in Mindanao.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Experiencing God's Faithfulness

How wonderful it is to feel God's presence all the time wherever you go. Even if you are in the midst of adversities you cannot feel the pain all because you can feel God's hand holding yours. You are never alone in your journey. That is how faithful God is into our lives.

Looking back from where I came from, I can see God's traces of His footsteps following me. He never abandoned me. I am the type of person who was once very pessimistic and does not truly believe the thing called "Prayer". Every time I uttered my prayer before, doubts will always follow... "Will God really hears my prayer?" I am so very anxious with a lot of things particularly with my future... "What will I be after graduation?" "Will I ever get married? with whom? Isn't he like my father?". These were just some of those questions that boggling my mind before.

I have so many doubts and frustrations as well. I have so many failed relationships... forgotten friendships. I never value other's feelings before. It's not really a big deal for me to hurt other people. I am not really mean, I am just quite numb, unmindful of the pain I've caused.

God sees all those things... He absolutely called my attention for all those things I have done before. He never let go of me until I take heed of His call. He is so persistent. He never give up. Then little by little I can feel that He made a new person within me. He eventually changed my life's perceptions. God is slowly changing me into a person that He wants me to be.

He removes those fears and doubts that was ruining my heart. Slowly he revealed to me His Sovereignty. He taught me how to stand whenever I get stumbled and to whom will I run when I am in trouble. He never forsake me. I may still have shortcomings right now but God already showed me the way to overcome it all- HIS WORDS. Yes, He taught me to feed on His Words everyday. He taught me to fill myself with the Holy Spirit. God is slowly putting my life back to order.

I am so very thankful of God's faithfulness into my life. Now that I am married, the more He showed me how to keep that faith and trust for Him. He always provides when we felt like we're empty handed. He always directs when we are seems lost. Indeed, He never left even a single minute on our side. He is always there, watching us and guiding us on our journey. He is taking over our lives. He is now in control! The feeling of being taken cared of and being loved was there. it is so real because God is real! Thank you so much for your faithfulness my Loving God. Now I am totally secured in your presence and love. ♥

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colder Than Yesterday

Yesterday I posted about the coldness I felt inside the office (due to the two air-conditioners) though the weather outside was quite humid. However, today was different. Last night the rain falls so hard that it last til morning and the coldness I felt right now was doubled. Not only with the two air-conditioners but with the weather as well. I am not yet updated with the weather report since I failed to watch the morning news. 

Anyway, I just hope that there is no typhoon for this will cause another problem to those provinces who suffered from flood and even mud slide. They haven't fully recovered yet from the mess that the previous typhoon brought.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cold Tuesday Morning

December is still more than a quarter away but I can feel the coldness of the weather.... inside our office! LOL!
With the two air-conditioners in high cool thermostat, all I can do is to wear my denim jacket to warm myself.
But if you go outside, what you can feel is the scorching heat of the sun penetrating your skin (I need a little of it, though).
But honestly, time flew so fast... Indeed very fast. And if I am going to recollect my past for this year alone, a lot of things really happened. To mention a few, I said I DO to the man whom I really love, I BID GOODBYE to the man whom I admired the most (my Boss), WE MOVED to a better location, and I WELCOME my upcoming bundle of joy (I am a soon-to-be-Mom)...

Nevertheless, I really thank God for His faithfulness. Indeed married life is not a piece of a cake with all the trials that we need to deal and overcome everyday. But with God's help, everything just fall into places. His presence is very evident in our lives. God is still in control!

And that faith shall lives on forever!

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Made-to-Measure Vertical Blinds

Normally, we use curtains for our windows at home. However, vertical blinds are more appropriate for offices. With varied colors, one can choose depending on his taste. Vertical blinds are appropriate simply because it allows us to have total control as to the lights and privacy that we need on which the curtains may fall short of. Lastly, it is much easier to clean. Avail those made-to-measure blinds for a perfect fit.                         

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