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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saving for the Future

Spending money is easier than earning them. Every time I went for a grocery, Pp1,000.00 is not enough for 2 packs of diaper, 1.3kg milk, a box of Cerelac, a bottle of 5 gallon distilled water, an alcohol, cotton and tissue! This made me think of striving more by earning an extra income. Aside from the daily expenses, there are still so much things to consider like bills and debts to pay. Not only that, there should be an extra more for emergency use. 

I was thinking of how to save money for my children's future. As we all know, we can no longer rely on plans and policies that are offered by insurance company. A colleague of mine offer me an insurance policy that is said to be more reliable and dependable. I was a bit hesitant because of the reputation of most insurance companies though the one she introduced to me has been established for almost a century. I am also considering opening an account for my children in a cooperative. I guess it is safer.

How about you? Can you teach me how and where to save for my children's future? I will appreciate your opinion. 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is Your Car Insured?

Every car owner should always prioritize safety above anything else. Car accidents are sometimes caused by unexpected circumstances. No matter how a driver or the car owner tried to always consider safety upon driving, it is a reality that there are other drivers who are reckless enough and will put you in danger along the highway. With this, car owner must insured their car even just a short term insurance to ensure safety with less hassle application. Of course, one should look for a lifetime insurance but for immediate need, short term insurance can help.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Safety First

Vehicular accidents often happen. We heard it on the news, and there's even some which we have actually seen from our naked eyes. It is a horrible scene that even I cannot imagine. I am into a vehicular accident once. It was really so scary. I am with my friends that time. We came from leadership training. While we are on our way, the wheel suddenly wiggle that brought us to the opposite lane and then it turn half-side down to the ground. The van was really damaged. The front mirror of the passenger van broke into pieces. The side windows crack and the right front wheel was removed. By God’s grace none of us died though most of us were quite injured.

When we were brought to the hospital, the car was left to the site. It has to be towed back to the city. Good thing it was insured, the expenses for the repair was really expensive if without an insurance. There are so many auto insurance now like HVG insurance which offers excellent deals. It is even easier to the part of the owner if the insurance company offers a 24-hour hassle free claim transactions. There are some who requires a lot which delayed the transaction and left you and your car waiting for long.

Some may not get their vehicle insured thinking that it will just entail a lot of cost. Partly true, but one must consider that this is for their own benefit. Besides, it is not really a problem considering that there are insurance companies which offers discounted prices for comprehensive insurance. Don’t take the risk, life is so precious. Safety first.

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