Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saving for the Future

Spending money is easier than earning them. Every time I went for a grocery, Pp1,000.00 is not enough for 2 packs of diaper, 1.3kg milk, a box of Cerelac, a bottle of 5 gallon distilled water, an alcohol, cotton and tissue! This made me think of striving more by earning an extra income. Aside from the daily expenses, there are still so much things to consider like bills and debts to pay. Not only that, there should be an extra more for emergency use. 

I was thinking of how to save money for my children's future. As we all know, we can no longer rely on plans and policies that are offered by insurance company. A colleague of mine offer me an insurance policy that is said to be more reliable and dependable. I was a bit hesitant because of the reputation of most insurance companies though the one she introduced to me has been established for almost a century. I am also considering opening an account for my children in a cooperative. I guess it is safer.

How about you? Can you teach me how and where to save for my children's future? I will appreciate your opinion. 

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