Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gear Up for the Rain!

Ever since the University entrance gate was transferred to the old gate to give way to the on-going construction of another edifice, I have so much apprehension. One, it was quite a distance from the office which means more time to travel (by foot). Just imagine the distance I need to walk upon boarding off from the jeepney which was by the previous entrance gate to the CEA Faculty office! Well, don't think about it if you've never been there. Second, it's already rainy season and the entrance gate is just adjacent to the creek thus when there's a heavy rain, I made it sure that I won't stay long in school for fear of flood. It would be until next year that I have to endure all these things. Anyway, according to, there will be more rains to expect in the coming days... I need to replace my worn out umbrella and perhaps I will be needing a rain boots too. Oh by the way, the rumors about snow in the Philippines is nothing but just a rumor! Check it out here. But believe me, when I was still in Grade 3 and 6, it did rain some ice in Musuan Bukidnon (of course it's crushed or else!)


Check the latest CDO weather update at

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