Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Goodbye July, Hello August!

July is finally over. Welcome August!

What to expect on August?

Lot of things!
  • Midterm exam on the first week
  • City Fiesta
  • Mom's birthday at 22
  • Kuya Jeush' on 30
  • Friends' Birthday
Why am I so updated with the birthdays? LOL! Indeed August is filled with celebrations. And I am equally hoping that there's something more that worth to be celebrated for- it could be achievements? more online opportunities? Promotions? Hmmm... Amen to them all!

By the way, I was so engrossed with this Camera 360 Apps on my phone this morning and I have this samples below which will be linked to today's BPC hosted by Our Home and Haven :) 

My Little Princess Jerusha
My Prince Jeush Gregory

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