Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birth Pains, Oh Birth Pains!

I can still clearly remember the day when I was at the Labor Room. I was there as early as 8:30AM but finally got my turn for the operation at 6:45PM, such a long wait indeed. But somehow, the good thing about that day was that I was the most relaxed among all expectant Moms. I was just sitting pretty there trying to soothe and calm those Moms who were truly suffering (others came to a point of even cursing) from inevitable pain. I can actually relate how they felt because I went through the same ordeal during my first born. My OB and I thought that I could make it in normal delivery but somehow I ended up going through emergency CS. Can you imagine the pain of being induced then eventually went through a rigid operation? The postpartum dilemma was really that much that I encountered some problems during the recovery period. I thank God that things were not the same this time. My recovery was quite okay. I can move with ease after one week though the pain was still there but so bearable. However, I need to take more Iron because my Doctor told me so. My hemoglobin was so low during that time that I was required to go through blood transfusion. I was thankful enough that the donor was somebody from our church who missed the Sunday service just because I was so worried during that day that I don't have any available blood yet and I called her almost pleading and begging LOL and she was compelled to go to the hospital (in Sunday dress) for that purpose.

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