Monday, July 15, 2013

Resume and Assume!

Yeah, that's probably the right term in going back to work. I have to resume and assume the responsibilities of catching up all the lessons that was left behind with my three weeks of absence. I am not supposed to be back yet but I have to because Midterm exam is fast approaching and I haven't started yet. I wasn't fully recovered yet, I can still feel some pain on my tummy but it is manageable. My Monday class was a real challenge because only few of them were able to do the tasks that I gave however I do not put too much pressure on them considering that no prior lecture was given, only references. So now, they also have a lot of things to catch up with,first, their HTML projects and second was their blog posts. I included blogging on their lessons because I am pretty much confident that blogging can play a vital role to their method of teaching in the future. Well, aside from that, they could also have the opportunity to earn while learning.

So, as a starter, and for easier way of checking their works, I let them link their posts here. 

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