Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Lincoln Lawyer (The Movie)

Aside from reading my RD Select Editions, my other past time is watching movie. I always go for movies that tells a real story, something that any human can truly relate. I am not really into sci-fi, flying heroes, or talking cats and dogs but somehow I only get to watch those kind because of my hubby. Lately we watched the Man of Steel. Again, I may appreciate the effects and cinematography but the story itself is too fictional and I know that the writers and directors who were behind it just love to do a remake movie from the past that earned so much.  

I am done reading The Lincoln Lawyer from one of my RD Selects written by Michael Connely and I am so glad that it has a film version already. Hopefully I could watch it. Authors behind this kind of stories are so brilliant indeed. As a reader, you will really learn something like some terms that are so technical for lawyers and justices. At first, it took me quite a while to understand the terms that were being used by the writer but the way they elaborate it is so impressive that you seems to gain instants law terms knowledge by just merely reading from it. 

Just in case you are interested,check the synopsis here:

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