Thursday, July 4, 2013

Favorite Pasttime

One thing that I love about staying home while recovering from CS after effect (postpartum) is that I could spend personal time with my babies and when they were sleeping, I got all the time reading the Reader's Digest Select Editions which contains four stories per book. I finished just one out of more than ten RD collections. My RD Collections was a Christmas present to me by a friend who is now based in New Zealand. Reading is one of my favorite past time way back in High School. I used to go to our Library just to read books/novels like Nancy Drew's Sleuthing Adventure and even Hardy Boys. I also love collecting Reader's Digest. I used to have an "Ate" before who was a subscriber and I always borrowed her RD to my great delight. There are lot of things that I learned from merely reading. It helps me improve my vocabulary and grammar skills. This is one thing also that I always inject to the mind of my students especially those who took up Education courses. As a teacher, it is really very important to improve our grammatical and vocabulary skills. This is one area, as far as my assessment is concern, that most of my students in the past were having difficulty with. Reading somehow helps. I am not an English major and I cannot really vouch that my grammars are 100% correct but at least my choice of words and sentence constructions are at least understandable. Learning is on-going though or shall I say it's a lifelong pursuit. As long as we live, we need to continue to learn and learn and learn! and one way of doing so is by making Reading as a habit.

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