Sunday, July 21, 2013

Praying for Four Wheels ;)

It's been three weeks already that the four of us joined the Sunday Fellowship and we're all full packed with our two babies' stuff. My hubby has to carry the bag, the baby's carrier and sometimes has to carry Kuya as well since I am not yet allowed to carry heavier things as post op no-nos. And it's been three Sundays as well that we were left with no other choice but to ride a taxi forth and back. That is why we've been praying for four wheels! Yeah I am so dead serious about it. There are four of us now and transporting in public vehicle is not only time consuming but very tasking as well.
Well, we just need to pray about it starting today. Who knows, God may consider it as a need and not a wants and eventually He will grant it in our most unexpected way! They said, when we pray, we have to be specific. Me and my hubby thought that models like that of Cherry QQ (the cutie one) is good enough as a start or perhaps a multicab will do so that we can also bring along with us our extended family whenever necessary, what d'you think?^-^ 
soon to park, Amen!

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