Friday, July 26, 2013

The Friday Five: Blog Love

I love visiting those blogs that could really inspire me that much and among those is Wanda's of The Watered Soul. I have been following her more than a year ago, in fact I put her widget on my side bar so that I could just simply click it once I want to visit her blog. However, it's been awhile already that I haven't paid her a visit due to limited access so now that I have the chance, I visited her blog once again and was inspired to join her weekly round-up entitled The Friday Five: Blog Love about posts that have inspired us in one way or another. I never hesitated to join because I want to share my best read this week as follows:

How much do you love Mickey Mouse? Be more inspired as you read  God is Better Than Mickey Mouse by Carol Hatcher of Internet Cafe Devotion.

If you think you've done nothing to deserve God's love, then read Inseparable Bond by Karlene Jacobsen of Undaunted Devotion.

Do you know about the Mesquite Tree and how can we relate our life with it?  This is such a good read then The Mesquite Tree - by Rachael DeBruin of Diamonds in the Rough.

God indeed provides ALL our NEEDS, need proof? then it's Testimony Time by Dineen Miller of Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

Finally, sharing God's word is not only for those who are mentally and physically fit. All of us can do it if we truly love God. Let us be challenged as we read the story of Katie at We Love 

To be honest, there are lots of inspirational reads that you can find in the blogosphere, let's read and share them so that others will be blessed as well.
  •  Have a blessed Friday everyone!

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