Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#94/366 Blog Photo Challenge

I really wanted my baby to become a Musician someday just like his Dad (though without an album LOL). That acoustic guitar was bought more than three years ago and we even got a name for it- museikcaj (eikcaj- backward spelling of my name, jackie). 

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Jessica said...

Wish him good luck Momi, hope he will love music just like his Daddy :-) awww! baby is wearing a pink diaper :-) Dropping by from BPC.

Rechie said...

wow, may name talaga ang guitar...who knows baka paglaki ng baby nyo sis maging musician din

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I wish I know how to play guitar or any instrument, but I am not that gifted. hahaha... I can sing and that's about it. Not a good singer, but I can sing. :) Who knows your little one might like it as well. :) Visiting via BPC.

""rarejonRez"" said...

He will grow up to be one, being exposed to a musician fam! So cute-- he is getting big so fast! :)

BPC hop!

-yogi143- said...

yah.. we all wants kids to grow with a brilliant talents.. and I wish my 2 niece will grow well with cool abilities as well as cute talents. :D

Yogi Online

Blog photo challenge.

Emzkie said...

aw so cute!

from BPC

Mel_Cole said...

awww, cute baby :) visiting from 366 BPC.

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