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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Honest Opinion (Transgenders Issue)

It's been awhile that I have lost that passion to write. One reason was that-I AM SICK. Yeah, my allergic bronchitis nailed me down once again. Anyway, what's new?

I failed to write about that rocket failure thing of North Korea. Well, their effort was in vain and we  have nothing to do with that LOL! And there's no need for me to write about that because it's already around the global news) How about the amended regulation set by the Miss U organizers to allow transgenders to compete with the REAL women. Would you agree? If you do so, raise your feet! LOL! The so-called third sex generation were so happy (for sure!)

Personally, I totally disagree. I am not against transgenders, its just that competition for women should be FOR WOMEN alone (well, that's just my HONEST opinion). If the Miss U org will really pursue their new amendment by next year, the essence of the competition will become ____________ (fill-in the blank- name your adjective).

Seriously speaking, I believe that transgenders exist because they were not satisfied with what God bestowed upon them (their manhood) and that's the most obvious reason for me... They tried to change the original plan of God for them. They don't mind how much it takes for them in order to achieve their wants or shall I say their NEEDS in life. They tried to make a difference in their lives by having the feeling or a real women. Well, they are entitled to that-it's their life. God created them as a rational being, with freewill and it is up to them how will they live their life. 

And now, they want to prove that they too can do what a real women can by taking part of the annual beauty pageant which is the Miss Universe. The issue about the transgender who was disqualified in joining the pageant in Canada leads to the decision of allowing them to join next year in the Miss Universe Pageant by the organizers. Such decisions allowed the transgenders to compete with the real women (with emphasis). Many were totally dismayed with this decision (count me in). I am not against with them, it is just not right to allow them to join with the prestigious beauty pageant such as the Miss Universe. They can create a new pageant similar to Miss U if they will really insist. It is not fair, frankly speaking. I know some of you will agree with me, hmm?

This post didn't mean to judge them- this is just an honest observation. 

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