Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Be a Part of the MINCARED 2013- Register Now!

It is such a great privilege to be a part of the 2nd Mindanao Congress of the Advocates for Renewable Energy and Rural Electrification and Development (MINCARED) which will be held on May 27- 28, 2013 at Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club. I am part of the Documentation Team and there will be five of us who are task to document all the proceedings from Day 1 to Day 2.

If you are an advocate of the renewable energy and rural electrification and development here in Mindanao and you are aware of the power crisis that our beloved island have experienced since time immemorial, then let your voice be heard by joining this Congress. You can have an online registration by just simply visiting their website and do the following:

1.) Visit the AMRECO MinCARED website – www.amreco.org
2.) Click Registration to MinCARED or Min Cared (located at the left side)
3.) See below the page CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
4.) Fill up the following details: Name, badge Name, Address, cell no, email, position ,company/org and choose your payment mode.
5.) Click Submit
6.) Once application Submitted, you will receive notification
7.)  Finance will verify the payment made
8.) If No payment made, status will remain PENDING and is considered not fully registered.
9.) If payment was made, Finance will process your online registration (transaction no.), you will receive notification that you are fully registered
10.) You may claim your kit on site just present your OR
Avail discounts when you register earlier! 
See you there!

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