Monday, May 6, 2013

Choose Your Stylish Glasses Wisely

It's summer indeed and the scorching heat of the sun is inevitable! Per advise, it's not only our skin that should get protected, we must take into consideration as well the windows of our soul, our eyes! The more we spend our time under the heat of the sun, we need to wear sun glasses or any protective glasses that will save us from the glaring sun rays. Well, if wearing one makes you feel weird or nerd, then try stylishglasses.
In choosing stylish glasses, see to it that it has anti-scratch and anti-explosion features. Sounds new to you? Well, you may ask your optometrist about it.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 12...

Another challenges to take. They are now working on their Project No. 4. Well, the figure is quite complicated and only few really got it right...;)

My objective is not really to put pressure on them, I just want them to apply all the lessons we had about drawing and modifying commands. However, a little twist of the figure somehow left them wondering on what to do and how should they go about it...

By the way, am done computing their grades... those who failed to submit even just one project got a failing marks though I am still giving them a chance to submit it :)

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 10 (Midterm Examination Day)

Too bad my flash disk got corrupted and I cannot even access my important documents like my students' projects and their grades! (done in Excel). I used to note their grades immediately on my spreadsheet but now that it was corrupted I was left with no other choice but to let them redo all the four activities and two projects. What would be the basis of my grade if I won't do it? So, when I told the students, they are quite upset but I explained to them the reason why and somehow they understood.

So, here's my exam:

Theory (A simple identification of AutoCADD screen)

Application (A simple gear)

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

One Sunny Sunday at the Beach....

T'was Saturday when I asked my hubby that we should go to the beach early Sunday morning. He partly agreed but somehow wasn't able to make it because we woke up late and we need to prepare for the church. However, right after the Sunday service, one of our churchmates invited us for a lunch on the beach. His parents who came fresh from Bukidnon wanted to have swimming before going back home. Well, in spite of the scorching heat of the sun, we went with them and indeed Babie had a good time feeling the roughness of the sand! Since we haven't brought extra clothes, we were not able to let him experience the sea water for a swim... Better luck next time c,")

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Friday, April 26, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 8

Yeah Thank God it's Friday! Time for Project No. 2! Well, am not really expecting for that much from them but somehow there are still some students who just couldn't get a very simple instruction! This time, I really need to extend my patience to the nth level. As for that student who made me really mad yesterday, he was absent. He took it seriously when I told him not to show up again in my class. Of course, I uttered that words out of anger but I told his board mates to let him report by next week in consideration to his parents who took the toil in sending him to school, specifically for this summer class. Disciplining youngsters like them isn't an easy task. How I wish that before this class will end, these students will remember all the reminders that I told them in becoming a responsible individual.

Activity of the day: Project No. 2 Lines, Circles & Arcs

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 6

My class started well with one activity being performed by my students. However, when I let them practice for the next project which supposedly be done by tomorrow, I was enraged when I check their work from the network support (which enables me to view their monitor), one of them did something else apart from the activity that I sent to their computer. I was so mad that I blew my top and I called him "bastos" because what he did was a sign of being disrespectful to women. See, instead of practicing for the activity that they are going to perform tomorrow, he draw a naked woman. I was totally blown to the top. He came to me when I dismissed them and apologized yet I just couldn't forgive him for that. Students now are really different if we compared them to students long time ago. I do not know what really comes into his mind that he did such thing. I was even threatening him to report it to the Dean. It is disheartening to think that if there are more students who are just like him, what would be the future of our society? Such kind of student should be dealt with accordingly because once tolerated, we might just be producing an immoral individual that might cause a big problem in the society.

Whew! what a day!

Activity of the day: Arc Exercise

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