Friday, April 26, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 8

Yeah Thank God it's Friday! Time for Project No. 2! Well, am not really expecting for that much from them but somehow there are still some students who just couldn't get a very simple instruction! This time, I really need to extend my patience to the nth level. As for that student who made me really mad yesterday, he was absent. He took it seriously when I told him not to show up again in my class. Of course, I uttered that words out of anger but I told his board mates to let him report by next week in consideration to his parents who took the toil in sending him to school, specifically for this summer class. Disciplining youngsters like them isn't an easy task. How I wish that before this class will end, these students will remember all the reminders that I told them in becoming a responsible individual.

Activity of the day: Project No. 2 Lines, Circles & Arcs

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