Monday, April 15, 2013

Carpe Diem!

I am a teacher and I taught in one of the prestigious universities in Cagayan de Oro City, the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). Just like any other universities, MUST also has its shares of flaws however if what you are looking for is a university that promotes quality training and teaching at affordable cost, I bet, MUST is the best option.

I earned my degree here (Mindanao Polytechnic State College back then) in 2002. I took Bachelor of Technician Teacher Education major in Architectural Drafting.  During my college days, the tuition fee was still at 25PhP per unit. In my four years of residency, it was always my goal to pass all my subjects and with so much effort and dedication, I finished College with no failing grades. I am just an average student and I terribly hate Math subjects. I even find it difficult as well to pass the Chemistry and Physics (and all other subjects that deals with numbers and formula). I remembered once, Calculus was being offered as an elective subject and I was being challenged by my classmates to take the subject. So I replaced Rizal with Calculus. However, during the first day of class when asked by our Instructor if we really want to take the subject or otherwise has to withdraw it before she got hold of our class card. Without second thought, I was the first to withdraw my class card and change it back to Rizal. My classmates were shocked with my decision. Like what I have said, I really hate numbers but with my goal, I doubled my effort in passing all those required Math subjects and everything was worth it though it is not really that highJ.

Now that I became a teacher, I could see myself in some of my students. But I was just saddened with the fact that some of those whom I have handled were not really that serious on their studies. They were not even alarmed to get failing grades. Just for this past second semester alone, I’ve computed lot of failing remarks. Their easy-go-lucky attitude, lack of dedication and poor study habits contributed much to their failures. I must say, I did my best in reprimanding them yet I even came to the extent of considering them even if they don’t deserve any consideration at all. I pity those parents who labored hard just to send their children to school. And it is disheartening to think that such students don’t take their studies seriously as they should be. I also pity those students who are serious enough yet they need to stop because their parents could not afford to send them to school anymore. That is why I appreciate those students who work and study at the same time, especially those who still manage to get good grades despite their busy schedule.

For the incoming freshmen, college life would be a whole lot different from high school life. Your scholastic records greatly influence your future, so always seize the moment! Aim higher and never settle for less! Don’t make failure as an option. Avoid it while you can. Enjoy life as a student but always see to it that such enjoyment won’t hamper your future.

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