Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Won Bandals Footwear from Res Toe Run!

Winners: CDO Bloggers Basic Blogging and Social Media Promotion
I bet you have read my my post about the Basic Blogging and Social Media Promotion that I have attended barely a month ago which was sponsored by CDOBloggers, Inc. Like what I have told you, the post that gets more FB likes will be awarded! There were only five of us who actually joined (Out of more or less 15 participants-well, thanks to them for paving the way LOL). I landed on the third spot and I won nothing less but a sandal from Res Toe Run! Oh I so really love it!

Check this out!

And the sweet result!

Thanks to all the generous sponsors, especially Res Toe Run!Like their Facebook page and see more of their available footwear!

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