Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good News!

I really thought I would be idle from work for the whole summer but thanks to God I received a very timely text from a colleague that there's a need for an additional teacher for the Basic AutoCADD Summer Class with the students from Bukidnon State University-main campus. I've been handling BSU students way back 2008 and now I am back! Indeed many students were enrolled that they cannot be accommodated for just one section so they have to be divided. I was tasked by my colleague to do the splitting of students. As a result, we'll be handling 34 students for each section, not bad at all-just good enough for the available computers in our CAD Laboratories. 

I am so excited to handle students from Bukidnon again. I know they are still adjusting to CDO's climate considering that they have colder weather there compared to here. I know as well that it would be a challenging session with them. When asked if they have any background with AutoCADD subjects their answers are all negative. Good thing most of them knew the basic computer operation like booting and shutting down...

It's going to be a long and busy month for me! God bless me!

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