Thursday, April 25, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 6

My class started well with one activity being performed by my students. However, when I let them practice for the next project which supposedly be done by tomorrow, I was enraged when I check their work from the network support (which enables me to view their monitor), one of them did something else apart from the activity that I sent to their computer. I was so mad that I blew my top and I called him "bastos" because what he did was a sign of being disrespectful to women. See, instead of practicing for the activity that they are going to perform tomorrow, he draw a naked woman. I was totally blown to the top. He came to me when I dismissed them and apologized yet I just couldn't forgive him for that. Students now are really different if we compared them to students long time ago. I do not know what really comes into his mind that he did such thing. I was even threatening him to report it to the Dean. It is disheartening to think that if there are more students who are just like him, what would be the future of our society? Such kind of student should be dealt with accordingly because once tolerated, we might just be producing an immoral individual that might cause a big problem in the society.

Whew! what a day!

Activity of the day: Arc Exercise

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