Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking for the Right Monitor Mounts? Check This Out!

When you shop monitor mounts at, you need to make sure that you know what you are looking for before you actually start browsing the website. There are many different types of monitor stands out there today, and some of them will only work with certain finds of monitors. The first thing you need to think about when you are going to get a monitor mount is the kind of monitor that you have at home. How big is the monitor? If your monitor is too large, then there are certain mounts that you are not going to be able to use. On the other hand, small monitors will not even be able to fit in some of the mounts that are sold these days. If you are getting a mount, then you are probably trying to place your monitor on the wall somewhere. If this is the case, then you will need to make sure that you are getting the kind of mount that is used for a wall. There are mounts used for the corners of rooms, as well as mounts that are supposed to be attached for furniture. Although all of this probably seems rather complicated right now, the fact of the matter is that things get much easier when you actually go to the online store and start to figure out which option is best for you.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Filipinos Valued Independence Day Now

Independence Day. Many are still commemorating the heroic acts of our forefathers who fought against hostility done by those tyrant countries who wants to rule us on their own degrading way. Well, we are all beneficiaries of their efforts that causes most of their lives.

But seriously, how does most of us, Filipinos, valued Independence Day? Are we really free from any hostilities? Well, if I may speak up my mind, I've got a lot of things to say. Yes, it's definitely true that we are free from the oppression of foreign countries but are we free from the oppression caused by our very own "kapwa" Filipino? Have you heard about the recent rumored scandals done by OWWA and DFA Officials assigned in Jordan and some part of Middle East? On how disrespectful they are to the distressed OFWs who supposedly run to them for help but got raped or if not, they were forced to escort some VIPs to render their "short service"? So disgusting isn't it? Not only that. There are lot of cases where most of us, Filipinos became a slave of our "kapwa" Filipinos, be it mentally, morally, socially, or physically. 

Independence Day celebration becomes a traditional celebration where our government spent money to commemorate this day. But modesty aside, most of us become hypocrite knowing that the freedom that we clamor and claimed long time ago from the foreign oppressors have long been gone. Why? Because honestly speaking, with the kind of situation that we Filipinos are facing right now, we are more than a slave to our own country. The rich becomes richer, and the poor becomes poorer. Needless to say, our country is dominated by some corrupt, selfish leaders who forgot what our forefathers have fought for more than a century ago.

Just a thought.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why Choose Green Choice?

If one of your hobbies is buying imported carpets, I bet you really do everything to preserve its quality. India is among the top producers of quality carpet. Regardless of the types of carpet, it can add beauty to our home, enhancing its look. However, it is quite difficult to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet especially if you placed it on a floor. Even wall carpet needs to be maintained when it comes to cleanliness. 

So, how do you usually clean your carpet? Most often than not, companies that offers carpet cleaning uses cleaning agent that will surely affect the quality of your carpet. But that's the traditional way of cleaning because right now, Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is already available. In fact, in Brooklyn, Green Choice Carpet is the most sought-after carpet cleaning company. Just in case you are not aware, the traditional method of carpet cleaning uses harsh cleaning agents like pesticides, formaldehyde, caustic acids, and lye which are not only affecting the quality of your carpet but also bad to your health and to the environment as well. Green Choice adopts steam cleaning for your carpet which uses little more than simple water and is perfect for removing general built-up dirt and light staining. For heavy stains and dirt and even the stinky pet urine, they uses carpet shampoo, the kind that is very effective yet safe to everyone and even to your pets. 

What's the advantage of Green Choice over its counterparts? They offer free estimates, very satisfactory and guaranteed performances by their certified techs, and for a very affordable price. What's more? If you will avail their services right now, they offer 15% off or $29.99 discount for deep shampoo cleaning. 

Go for organic way of cleaning your carpet, visit their site for more info and you can have a live chat from their customer service.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

My Babie Then and Now....

My dear Babie Gregory's growth is so fast that I missed those moment where I can still hold him in my arms without any resistance LOL! Now he is so active that he is able to instruct you and demand from you on what he wants to do, and where he wants to go. He is able to utter few words like Papa, Mama, ta!(when he wants to go somewhere), to! (pointing to the things that he wants). He can now understand some instruction like "lie down", "up", and "give that to me". He is capable of holding your attention for quite long. He could dance if you want him too, he could clap his hands if you would like him to. He is just simply amazing. I know he is still developing more especially on his communication skills. Everyday, we used to let him watch educational videos like Brainy Babies. He loves it so much that he could watch it for long until the whole episode is through. What we have is a Brainy Baby collections which includes 8 series from Alphabet, Arts, Music, Animals, Colors and Shape, English and Spanish! I am so excited to see him going to school. Soon he is going to be a Kuya to a baby girl whom we will name as JERUSHA GABRIELLE. I do not know how would he accept it having another baby at home LOL!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tired? Have Some Massage Therapy!

Getting things done just to beat the deadline is somehow one of the stressful things that we have ever done in our lives. Because of our lifestyle, work demands, and perhaps hectic schedules, we failed to realize that our body needs some rest; moreover, it needs more pampering. We only remember to take some rest when we are not feeling well anymore. Do we really have to become ill first before we give value to ourselves? For busy people like me, it might be a yes. It's going to be a yes not because I do not love myself, but because I have to get things done or end up empty handed at all.
Why not try the Canadian way of pampering themselves with massage montreal par Ambrosia Sant? Massage Theraphy is an effective way of de-stressing ourselves from the stress-causing workloads. Massage et massothérapie à montréal as they have called it have given 100% satisfaction to their customers. Now, let us assume that we are really that pre-occupied from our work. Would that mean we have to give up good health in favor of financial stability? Obviously, it won’t do any good to us in the long run. Why not treat ourselves to a relaxing massage therapy at least once or twice a week? We should not be too harsh with ourselves. We will be more efficient in our work if we live a healthy lifestyle amidst pressure. So, before killing yourself from overworked, take time to unwind, to relax and have a soothing massage therapy just the same way Ambrosia does offer to their clients.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Jackie Into Anticipating the Best In Life

Successive days of rainfall signifies that indeed it is already the month of June. It's quite colder outside and here I am busy listening to the Audio for my MinCARED outputs (I supposed the deadline is within this week). I am just so glad that summer is over. The past two months were indeed a great challenge for me and my hubby. We are just thankful to God that we're able to survive every ordeals. And I promised to myself, I should never go through with it again... such an eye opener experience.

I wonder what God has in store for me from this day onward but somehow He gave me the feeling of having a brighter tomorrow. Yes, I can really feel it. I am so positive that He is going to pour out His blessings abundantly to us. I know I may not be deserving enough but God give me this feeling and I TRUST Him for that.

So Dear June, be kind to me just as much as I am to you. I'll be meeting new faces, new set of students, new friends somehow. There might be a reunion with old acquaintances...

To my would-be students, I will see to it that you will have the best in everything (learning, ideas etc) for this semester and I am very much hoping and praying for your cooperation... you see, I am bearing this weight until July. But as soon as I have this baby out from my tummy, I will be more comfortable in moving, doing my duties and responsibilities (oops, there's going to be an additional what-to-do on my list with my new baby). Anyway, I will try my best not to hamper our learning with the additional tasks that I have to accept as a Mom. I know there would be a need for bigger adjustment on my part but with God's help, I can do it. Nothing is impossible with Him.

To my baby, Mom is so excited to see you. I am praying for your good health and good shape... I love you.

To my Babie Gregory (my eldest one), soon you have to accept the fact that you have a new playmate. But it doesn't mean that the arrival of your playmate would mean less attention on your part. That is not true. I will see to it that both of you will be treated equally. You will always be my Kuya Babie and I love you more and more each day. Thanks for loving him as well...

And to Papa Junie, this is it! I need your double support, double cooperation now that we are soon to be a proud parents of two. There might be more challenges ahead of us but it doesn't really matter as long as we are into it together... All ordeals shall come to pass and let us be positive that every day is always better than yesterday. 

To all my friends and relatives who are praying for us, helping us in one way or another- God will continue to bless you simply because you are deserving of all His blessings as well!

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