Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Filipinos Valued Independence Day Now

Independence Day. Many are still commemorating the heroic acts of our forefathers who fought against hostility done by those tyrant countries who wants to rule us on their own degrading way. Well, we are all beneficiaries of their efforts that causes most of their lives.

But seriously, how does most of us, Filipinos, valued Independence Day? Are we really free from any hostilities? Well, if I may speak up my mind, I've got a lot of things to say. Yes, it's definitely true that we are free from the oppression of foreign countries but are we free from the oppression caused by our very own "kapwa" Filipino? Have you heard about the recent rumored scandals done by OWWA and DFA Officials assigned in Jordan and some part of Middle East? On how disrespectful they are to the distressed OFWs who supposedly run to them for help but got raped or if not, they were forced to escort some VIPs to render their "short service"? So disgusting isn't it? Not only that. There are lot of cases where most of us, Filipinos became a slave of our "kapwa" Filipinos, be it mentally, morally, socially, or physically. 

Independence Day celebration becomes a traditional celebration where our government spent money to commemorate this day. But modesty aside, most of us become hypocrite knowing that the freedom that we clamor and claimed long time ago from the foreign oppressors have long been gone. Why? Because honestly speaking, with the kind of situation that we Filipinos are facing right now, we are more than a slave to our own country. The rich becomes richer, and the poor becomes poorer. Needless to say, our country is dominated by some corrupt, selfish leaders who forgot what our forefathers have fought for more than a century ago.

Just a thought.

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