Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Day Is Coming...

Yeah, I can totally feel it already. The day is coming. The discomforts that I felt right now grow even worst. I can hardly walk because every time I do it I felt like having a UTI problem. The frequent trips to bathroom stressed me a lot! Well, I am also sick right now. As in literally sick. I don't feel like eating. All I want is to sleep and sleep. I have a slight fever I guess and I am not allowed to take any medicine (Well, I purposely deprived myself of doing so for fear of possible adverse effect to my baby.) I have a painful toothache last night which resulted to annoying headache, and I vomit and have a diarrhea. Honestly, I don't have this kind of problem with my Little Gregory.
I still have to meet two more classes before I officially take a leave of absence. I have to give them instructions while I am on my recovery period. Well, I am hoping and praying that everything will go on smoothly from the operation, to provision of all our needs and to financial areas too.
Would you mind saying a little prayer for me?
Thanks a lot ;)

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