Friday, June 7, 2013

My Babie Then and Now....

My dear Babie Gregory's growth is so fast that I missed those moment where I can still hold him in my arms without any resistance LOL! Now he is so active that he is able to instruct you and demand from you on what he wants to do, and where he wants to go. He is able to utter few words like Papa, Mama, ta!(when he wants to go somewhere), to! (pointing to the things that he wants). He can now understand some instruction like "lie down", "up", and "give that to me". He is capable of holding your attention for quite long. He could dance if you want him too, he could clap his hands if you would like him to. He is just simply amazing. I know he is still developing more especially on his communication skills. Everyday, we used to let him watch educational videos like Brainy Babies. He loves it so much that he could watch it for long until the whole episode is through. What we have is a Brainy Baby collections which includes 8 series from Alphabet, Arts, Music, Animals, Colors and Shape, English and Spanish! I am so excited to see him going to school. Soon he is going to be a Kuya to a baby girl whom we will name as JERUSHA GABRIELLE. I do not know how would he accept it having another baby at home LOL!

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