Monday, June 3, 2013

Jackie Into Anticipating the Best In Life

Successive days of rainfall signifies that indeed it is already the month of June. It's quite colder outside and here I am busy listening to the Audio for my MinCARED outputs (I supposed the deadline is within this week). I am just so glad that summer is over. The past two months were indeed a great challenge for me and my hubby. We are just thankful to God that we're able to survive every ordeals. And I promised to myself, I should never go through with it again... such an eye opener experience.

I wonder what God has in store for me from this day onward but somehow He gave me the feeling of having a brighter tomorrow. Yes, I can really feel it. I am so positive that He is going to pour out His blessings abundantly to us. I know I may not be deserving enough but God give me this feeling and I TRUST Him for that.

So Dear June, be kind to me just as much as I am to you. I'll be meeting new faces, new set of students, new friends somehow. There might be a reunion with old acquaintances...

To my would-be students, I will see to it that you will have the best in everything (learning, ideas etc) for this semester and I am very much hoping and praying for your cooperation... you see, I am bearing this weight until July. But as soon as I have this baby out from my tummy, I will be more comfortable in moving, doing my duties and responsibilities (oops, there's going to be an additional what-to-do on my list with my new baby). Anyway, I will try my best not to hamper our learning with the additional tasks that I have to accept as a Mom. I know there would be a need for bigger adjustment on my part but with God's help, I can do it. Nothing is impossible with Him.

To my baby, Mom is so excited to see you. I am praying for your good health and good shape... I love you.

To my Babie Gregory (my eldest one), soon you have to accept the fact that you have a new playmate. But it doesn't mean that the arrival of your playmate would mean less attention on your part. That is not true. I will see to it that both of you will be treated equally. You will always be my Kuya Babie and I love you more and more each day. Thanks for loving him as well...

And to Papa Junie, this is it! I need your double support, double cooperation now that we are soon to be a proud parents of two. There might be more challenges ahead of us but it doesn't really matter as long as we are into it together... All ordeals shall come to pass and let us be positive that every day is always better than yesterday. 

To all my friends and relatives who are praying for us, helping us in one way or another- God will continue to bless you simply because you are deserving of all His blessings as well!

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