Saturday, September 6, 2014

In Anything and Everything...

Honestly, it is not easy to become a teacher. Much more if you are handling heterogeneous type of students and all of them have a story to tell about themselves and the kind of life that they have.

Imagine the feeling when you learn that your student came to school late because he needs to walk a mile or two just to reach the school. How much more for a student who stopped schooling because his parents forced him to work in order to meet both ends for the family. How about learning that your student got absent for too long because she needs to give birth without you noticing a trace of bumps on her tummy for the past months because she tried hard to conceal it. Or what could be worst than having a student whose "part-time work" puts his life at risk?

Those are issues that quite too complicated to handle but you are left with no other choice than to accept the fact that you need to extend your patience, widen your understanding, show them love, and accept the fact that you need to be strong for them. 

Teaching is not an easy job. However, if teaching is your passion- you are far more than willing to do anything and everything for the love of teaching.

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