Saturday, September 27, 2014

What Happen When We Misuse Social Media?

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Social media made a significant impact in the way we behave and react to things that we both like and dislike. We love to post and share our emotions, life's update and even those things that keep our hands busy even if it is not really that important. 

Long ago, most of us could have written all our good and bad experiences for the day in our exclusive diary. However, as technology evolves and becomes accessible to the public, so does our lives. Those secret feelings that we held confidential to ourselves alone has long been gone. 

Our life becomes an open book, a daily menu that almost anyone are free to feast on. We become very confident in sharing even our worst personalities, and we are so delighted when somebody could relate and eventually like our status. The more likes or readers we get, the higher is the trust that we put to social media. It becomes our daily companion.

It is clear to me, however, that we have different views and opinions about social media. There are some who viewed social media as an outlet for freedom of expression. There are also some people who blamed the high crime rate and even moral degradation to social media.

But social media itself isn't bad at all. It's just among those list medium of communication. It can only be bad when we are going to misuse it. When our purpose of using social media is to malign people, to humiliate them, and/or to make fun of them, obviously, we are nothing but an irresponsible individual who needs to undergo proper training in using social media. 

We should be responsible enough in everything that  we have posted or about to post in our wall or what we have written or about to write in our blog. When we want to voice out our opinion, we can do so through social media but in a way that no one will be hurt. We can post anything that we like but we should be careful enough not to offend anyone and most of all, we should avoid using harsh hashtags for facebooks or twitters as much as possible. As we have noticed, some conflicts begin when the people we love trusted facebook and other social media sites more than they trust us.

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