Friday, June 24, 2011

From California with Love...

Originally painted by Vania Tong
We are so happy to receive such a wonderful, and mind you, very personalized wedding gift from Ms Vania Tong. She is one of the US Missionaries who came here in Cagayan de Oro with other vibrant teens to spread the Word of God. The group really leave a lasting legacy especially for those whom they were able to reach out..

Her gift was really one of a kind. we can really feel the thoughts more than the gift itself. With all the efforts she made in order for her to come up with such a very cute and meaningful painting. My hubby once told her a part of our love story which includes the lonely tree found on the hilltop of one of the place in Cagayan de Oro. Such tree was a thing in the past now because it was destroyed by lightning. The people cut it before the lightning will strike it once again to avoid further damage. We were really disheartened upon hearing the truth. We are supposed to have our pre-nuptial pictorials there but it was already cut when we went there... Though the tree was gone but its memory will remain in us forever...
The Lonely Tree before it was destroyed by Lightning

Me & Huggy under the lonely tree...

The Ultimate Gangsta- Vania (the Painter) and my Hubby (the recipient)

Thank you so much, Ms Vania Tong... your masterpiece will be kept forever! God bless you more each day.

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