Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Sentiment of the Soon-to-be- Mom

According to them, the essence of a woman is having her own family and becoming a mother. I would say that indeed I am about to fulfill all of it as I am now more than two months pregnant. 
Rearing a baby inside your womb is not that easy for all women. Good thing for those who haven't experienced morning sickness and other symptoms. As for me, I am really having a hard time. I became choosy with what I eat and I have this hyperemesis gravidarum. Somehow it scared me a bit knowing that there is a baby within me. For two days straight, I find it hard to swallow any food because right after I have taken them, I just easily threw it up. I tried hard to control myself but I can't really help it. I am also afraid to take any medicine against vomiting. 
How I wish that by the end of my first trimester, everything will go back to normal... hopefully.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Recovering From Pain...

Recovering from any forms of pain is not an easy process. It's hard to let go the things or person that means so much to you, and it's even harder to move on.

When my Boss died, I knew how hard it is for his family. I witnessed how they missed him so much. I can feel their burden and their struggle to move on...

A little gesture of comfort and sympathy may not totally help them but at least, with prayers, will help them to face tomorrow with renewed strength to live on.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are you Tired Accepting FB Gift Requests?

If you are one of those avid Facebook games players, you are probably prompted with so many gift requests or it could be you who probably needs them in order to complete a level. Well, accepting and sending gifts can be tiresome especially on the waiting process. Well, to get your job done easily and promptly, try Gift Auto accepts on all Facebook gift requests. You are very much free to try it for your first 100 requests. Visit their site now for more details.

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WFW: All Things Work Together For Good...

Yes, all things work together for the good of those who love God... 

My dear Ninong (Godfather) who went home (to heaven) ahead of us undeniably loves God so much... Within his 57 years of existence, he met and accepted God with all his heart. He live his life in accordance to God's will. I can vouch for his integrity. I learned a lot of things from him, be it work-related or values formation. He is different from the rest because he never looks down to anyone. He treated everyone fairly. Regardless of who you are and how low is your profession, he never let you feel like you are that small. He is indeed a very good man.

Losing him really created so much vacuum not only for those who worked with him, but most of all, for his family who was the main recipient of his great love and care. 

To you Sir/Ninong, you have lived your life well... You might have an earthly unfinished tasks but in the eyes of God, you have already performed a job well done! You have now been called by God for His purpose! To have you on His Kingdom!

I greatly salute you Sir! Your memory will live forever! Thank you for the legacy!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Need Labels and Stickers?

One of the best investment nowadays are printing services. If you have notice, tee- shirt printing services and even stickers and labels printing are in demand right now especially for those organizations who want to establish their group. For your need on this kind of services, try fotoboek maken, do not be surprise with the words, it's a German term. It's an online printing services that specializes in stickers and labels. Visit their site now for more information on how to avail their services.

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Pink Friday: The Debutante's Cake...


The debutante and her islands of cake... 

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