Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WFW: Isaiah 40:31

Everyday we are confronted with so many challenges.
Depending on the degree of the challenges, we do sometimes lose hope and discouraged to move on. This is the right time that we should anchor our strength back to God. Its His strength that will sustain us and keep us.
Remember, apart from Him we are nothing...
Apart from Him we can do nothing...
Apart from Him where will we be?

Therefore, let us hope in the Lord always...
Knowing that He is with us will give us the confidence to stand firm and move on. Because someday, we will gonna be with Him.

Let us soar high like eagles!

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Riza Written said...

So true! Thanks for sharing this thought. I have been going through challenges the couple days past and I am also getting that feeling of frustration and impatience...

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