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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Another Dispiriting Tuesday

Here I go again. The dispiriting moments of my life never ceases yet...
They hit me again not with sharp words but wrong perceptions... and it's getting painful everyday.
I try to console myself by thinking that everything will come to pass.
Yes, absolutely everything will come to pass...

But as the days went by, my heart slowly shattered into pieces...
Yes, here I go again, confronted with emotional battle.
I wish I could disappear for a moment 
I wish for once my heart will not feel any pain anymore
I wish for once I will not get affected...
I wish for once I will become INSENSITIVE...

I am looking forward to a new beginning
Yet it seems like the season isn't in favor of me.
I do not know what to expect tomorrow.
If pain is still there...
How can I escape from it?

Should I go on or is it better for me to surrender?

*Deep sigh*

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