Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blessed With Kind-hearted People

This morning, I was accompanied by my Huggy for my dental appointment. He then shared to me about what was discussed during the morning breakfast in the church. We sent a letter or shall I say a note of intent for our supposed Principal Sponsors. Two of them, Sir Melo and Atty. Felix, promised to give a monetary pledge for our upcoming Big Day. 

Upon knowing it, I really thank God for those heart that they have for us. Indeed, they are such a blessing and we are so very thankful to them. Some of our brethren also promise to donate something and I was really overwhelmed with their all-out support.

Little by little, all my apprehensions disappear knowing that we are surrounded and blessed with kind-hearted people.

Love it!

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Joahna Vern said...

AMEN!!! u r indeed blessed with these kind-hearted people with their never-ending support. :) mwah.. we're still thinking on how we can help.,too.. hihhih..

kimmy said...

it's so nice to hear of such generous people still around...

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