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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WFW: 24/7 Call and Pray Unlimited

Pray without ceasing...
I am definitely struggling on this area...
I prayed but not as often as I should be.
Maybe this is the reason why I was always confronted with problems...
It is not because God did not love me...
He just want to show to me that in everything, He is in control.
He wants to remind me that apart from Him I am absolutely nothing!

Getting connected with Him isn't really that complicated...
As long as our motive is right, He will always listen...
Though sometimes we can feel the delay, but actually, it is NOT
Because God's time is definitely the RIGHT TIME.

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  1. A neat WFW ~ Lord help us to keep and attitude of prayer. Blessings ~

  2. nice callcard! it's with me always :)

    HERE is my entry. Don't forget to follow me please :) thanks

    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Oh, I love this...visiting from WFW!!!

  4. Yes, anytime is the perfect time to pray, and God is amazingly listening all the time. One of those amazing things to ponder...the God, Creator of our universe, listening to my prayers... I'm in awe.
    Beautiful graphic!

  5. I love to remember that while we may lift people to the throne of Grace it is the Holy Spirit who promises to pray with words that totally understand the issue........and then the fact that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us.
    I have stopped trying to be long winded and tell God all the issues I think I may see in anther's life but rather just lift them to the throne of Grace in the precious name of Jesus and trust in the work of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is not dependent on me or my is all about His power and grace.

  6. That's a plan I'm so happy to be signed up with. Great WFW post!

  7. Praise God that He is always there for us! :)

  8. Super cool graphics for all-the-time awesome passage!!!

  9. What a lovely way to remind us of the importance of "pray without ceasing!" And that GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL. Thank you for a sweetly encouraging visit for Word-Filled Wednesday!

  10. Great graphic. Oh yes, we so need to Pray. PRAY. PRAY!!!!


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