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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WFW: All Things Work Together For Good...

Yes, all things work together for the good of those who love God... 

My dear Ninong (Godfather) who went home (to heaven) ahead of us undeniably loves God so much... Within his 57 years of existence, he met and accepted God with all his heart. He live his life in accordance to God's will. I can vouch for his integrity. I learned a lot of things from him, be it work-related or values formation. He is different from the rest because he never looks down to anyone. He treated everyone fairly. Regardless of who you are and how low is your profession, he never let you feel like you are that small. He is indeed a very good man.

Losing him really created so much vacuum not only for those who worked with him, but most of all, for his family who was the main recipient of his great love and care. 

To you Sir/Ninong, you have lived your life well... You might have an earthly unfinished tasks but in the eyes of God, you have already performed a job well done! You have now been called by God for His purpose! To have you on His Kingdom!

I greatly salute you Sir! Your memory will live forever! Thank you for the legacy!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Standing Firm...

PhotobucketI am deeply honored to post about this man on the picture. He is just an ordinary man with an extra ordinary heart. He is known for being straightforward. A principled man who fears no one except GOD. Some may misunderstood him for being so bold but many admired him for being such. He is a mentor, a trainor, a counselor and a father. He is tough yet soft-hearted. A loving husband and a responsible father. A disciplinarian and a man after God's heart.

He is our Boss, our Kuya, our Tatay and our Teacher... a multi-tasking man, quick tempered but cools down easily... He believe that nobody is perfect and that knowledge is power.

We are so blessed for having him as our leader... This man just experienced God's faithfulness in his life... To you Sir Melo, Happy happy Birthday!

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