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Friday, June 17, 2011

To The Man Who Captured My Heart and Trust Next To God...

One year ago, I posted this note on my FB account during the 29th Birthday of my ex-boyfriend (now my ever loving husband) Junie... As I read this note again, I was really so happy on how God really work things out in His perfect time for our relationship to grow and eventually bind us together us ONE...

Let me share again to you the said NOTE:

I am asking myself these questions for so many times... Why do I love him despite all those negative things I heard about him... Why does my heart beats for him? I have been interrogated by my heart and my mind because even them cannot get the right answer. Corny? Hmmm... I really do not care how will you take it but I am just trying to express how I truly felt about him. We do not have that perfect relationship, what we have is pure love and contentment with each other. We are both positive that God brought us together for a reason. Whatever is that reason, I am glad and will always be. I grew up with the belief that men were born to frustrate women (that's the impression that my father left in my heart). I have so many frustrations, I have so many doubts, I have so many questions- but I realized that these are the proofs that my heart really beats for him..Why? because without those feelings, I am completely unmindful of this relationship, but I'm not. I tried to be numb but I just cannot deny it nor I can deceive myself... Corny again? but that is just the truth.
My doubts and confusions put him to the tests- but he survived. I tried to give up for countless times but he remained. I pushed him away but he never let go. I cannot explain how God made me feel this way.Why am I sharing all these feelings? Because it matters...One thing is certain... I love this man and I am very much willing to spend the rest of my life with him if God willing. ♥♥♥

That certain things I have mentioned remains unshaken... in fact, by the will of God- we made it... We both took the vow to spend our lives together for the rest of our lives on April 28, 2011.

And now, as he turned another year of his God-given life, he will be facing another chapter of his life, not only as the loving husband to me but as a doting father to our baby soon...

To you my dear Huggybear, forever and ever will be my love for you. I really thank God for having you... I once said before that you are the most misunderstood man I've ever known, but allow me to take that words back. Because the truth reveals that the man I saw in you before was not the man I thought you were... You completely changed for the better, and I really love that. People may soon be able to see what I saw in you today, I really do pray. What matters most now to me is that I am so happy to have you. All my doubts and confusions were completely vanished. I am so thankful to God on how much you cared and loved me today and I know it will carry on for a lifetime...

To you my Huggy, I am so proud to say that I never regret the day I said I DO. I love you sooooooooooooo much!

I blessed the day you were born... Because on that day, God started to write our love story.
And the reason is LOVE...

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marital Bliss

Marriages are ought to be sanctified... cherished and meant to last forever. Unfortunately, some couple overlooked the value of Marriage. It cannot be denied that Divorce or Annulment became a trend. One sign of misunderstanding can lead to separation. Some couples are short with patience. Whether celebrities or ordinary people both shared the same dilemma- facing marital conflict and unable to overcome it. This is possible to those who do not considered Marriage as a sacred union... to those who do not have knowledge that what God has bound together shall not be separated. This is the blatant truth that even my own parents is not an exception.  

But how can one stay in marriage when it is already poisoned with infidelity? How can one stand the feeling of animosity caused by broken vows? Sometimes, patience became devalued when overcome with the issue of trust and fidelity... 

Of course no marrying couples want to end up on this kind of dilemma. Our last recourse would be entrusting to God our partner that they should be His chosen one or else...

What an insightful Saturday!

Note: That pic was of my parents... the only one that's left, it was torn by the flood for the second time

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