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Friday, June 17, 2011

To The Man Who Captured My Heart and Trust Next To God...

One year ago, I posted this note on my FB account during the 29th Birthday of my ex-boyfriend (now my ever loving husband) Junie... As I read this note again, I was really so happy on how God really work things out in His perfect time for our relationship to grow and eventually bind us together us ONE...

Let me share again to you the said NOTE:

I am asking myself these questions for so many times... Why do I love him despite all those negative things I heard about him... Why does my heart beats for him? I have been interrogated by my heart and my mind because even them cannot get the right answer. Corny? Hmmm... I really do not care how will you take it but I am just trying to express how I truly felt about him. We do not have that perfect relationship, what we have is pure love and contentment with each other. We are both positive that God brought us together for a reason. Whatever is that reason, I am glad and will always be. I grew up with the belief that men were born to frustrate women (that's the impression that my father left in my heart). I have so many frustrations, I have so many doubts, I have so many questions- but I realized that these are the proofs that my heart really beats for him..Why? because without those feelings, I am completely unmindful of this relationship, but I'm not. I tried to be numb but I just cannot deny it nor I can deceive myself... Corny again? but that is just the truth.
My doubts and confusions put him to the tests- but he survived. I tried to give up for countless times but he remained. I pushed him away but he never let go. I cannot explain how God made me feel this way.Why am I sharing all these feelings? Because it matters...One thing is certain... I love this man and I am very much willing to spend the rest of my life with him if God willing. ♥♥♥

That certain things I have mentioned remains unshaken... in fact, by the will of God- we made it... We both took the vow to spend our lives together for the rest of our lives on April 28, 2011.

And now, as he turned another year of his God-given life, he will be facing another chapter of his life, not only as the loving husband to me but as a doting father to our baby soon...

To you my dear Huggybear, forever and ever will be my love for you. I really thank God for having you... I once said before that you are the most misunderstood man I've ever known, but allow me to take that words back. Because the truth reveals that the man I saw in you before was not the man I thought you were... You completely changed for the better, and I really love that. People may soon be able to see what I saw in you today, I really do pray. What matters most now to me is that I am so happy to have you. All my doubts and confusions were completely vanished. I am so thankful to God on how much you cared and loved me today and I know it will carry on for a lifetime...

To you my Huggy, I am so proud to say that I never regret the day I said I DO. I love you sooooooooooooo much!

I blessed the day you were born... Because on that day, God started to write our love story.
And the reason is LOVE...

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Monday, May 23, 2011

MYM: The Nannies and Us...

Good Monday morning everyone.. Here's my entry for this week's MYM... This was taken during one of our Bible studies with the Nannies every Sunday. The girl in pink skirt is my partner.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Ate Janith

I blessed this day that you will receive God's favor and blessings starting today and the days to come.

I am praying for a harmonious relationship with your husband...
A wonderful job... A successful studies...
And a life that is worthy to live.
I love you and I miss you Ate.
Happy happy Birthday!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

TT/ Picture Perfect 14: My Great Kuya Ed

In our life, people come and go while others choose to stay. There are some whom you seldom meet but will remain a good friend if not the best. In my case, I got the opportunity to meet such kind of people and I truly thank God for their lives.

I may not able to communicate with them as often as it should be but the connection remains. To all those friends of mine whom I considered as a part of my family as well, I would like to mention one special person who made a difference and gave a great impact in my life... Meet Engr. Elpidio Amper Jr. or simply known as "Kuya Ed".

Kuya Ed back then...

I met Kuya Ed way back Year 2002. I was introduced to him by my classmates who were part of his Bible Study contacts. He paved the way for me to understand the truth about God and the reality of my salvation. He is my Spiritual Father. He's been in the Navigators Ministry for more or less 31 years. His faithfulness is greatly rewarded by God by giving him a Godly woman, helpmate, and wife who stood beside him through thick and thin... Ate Edith.

His ONE and ONLY
so sweet....


As they both continue with their life's journey, they have proven and tested God's faithfulness by being faithful as well to the works for the Lord. Kuya Ed is a full pledged Civil Engineer just like Ate Edith but he opt to be a full time missionary. He never regretted his decision for more than ten years now. He was with the Navigators Ministry who have nurtured him as well into a mature Christian.  Ate Edith is a High School teacher and a leader too. Amidst life's adversaries, they were never shaken because they knew their stand before God.

Their marriage was blessed with three wonderful children, Aziel, Jotham and Edrei. All their children are achievers with God's given talent and wisdom. Aziel, their only daughter already  finished her Baccalaureate degree while their two energetic sons are still pursuing with their studies. Indeed, they are one small yet happy family. 

Picture Perfect!

Their faithfulness extended up to the hundreds or thousands of youths perhaps who were now active on the ministry as well. I am so happy that some of his present Bible contacts were once my students. I may not be the instrument being used by God but I am so blessed knowing that they are   on the right direction.
Fruits of his labor....

Kuya Ed is indeed a fulfilled man who is so faithful with his ministry and a truly God fearing man.

Today, as he turned 51, his faithfulness remains and his enduring patience is inevitable. To you Kuya, I truly salute you and I am so happy for having you. You are one of a kind. Thank you so much for everything Kuya. I know I have lots of shortcomings and have been quite unfaithful to the Navigators Ministry but I always acknowledged how this Ministry have molded me into what I become right now. If not with Kuya's enduring patience, I just can't tell where I am right now. I remember those times when I am lost but yet Kuya never lose the patience to look for me and revive me spiritually. Though we do not often see each other, I know in my heart that Kuya Ed has been praying for me and to the rest of my batch mates. Thank you so much Kuya.

God will bless you richly.

In behalf of the Navs Batch 2000, Happy happy Birthday! We love you!

Picture Perfect

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Manoy!

A Family Portrait
Yesterday was my brother's 36th birthday... He is our eldest and he is a very wonderful brother, a loving husband to Ate Rhona and a dotting father to my nieces, Sharmillah and Shaina...

Manoy, continue to live life to the fullest and keep your trust and faith in God.

I love you!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Macon!

Today marks another year of my "naki" Macon... She used to call me "Mommy". This sweet woman is an epitome of grace and beauty. 

To you Naki, may God's overflowing goodness in your life abounds forever...

Guard your heart and wait for God's best for you ♥

We love you...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Julie Tearjerky No More

I seldom see this woman cry... Unless you will let her talk and pour out her emotions you can really see her tears rolling down her cheeks while speaking using English language (nosebleed po ako!)

Julie, July, Miming but most of the time I called her Langga, my endearment to dear people like her.Currently she's our President in an all-female organization in our church. Like our past president, she is so active. In every activity, she wants to get things done as early as possible so she made it a point to do hands-on on every task that needs to be done. That's Julie. Young as she is, she is matured enough to handle an organization where most of the members are either older or much younger than her, but she was able to manage it. One thing that I admired most about this woman was her dedication which I guess I do not have. 

Need some help for any layout or design? Just call her and she's always willing to do it for you, that's one of her crafts, passions...

I am so blessed to have known this young, vibrant RN... Simple, beautiful, humble and simply amazing!

Love you girl! Here's the edited code for you so that it won't get error once clicked by our co-bloggers....My birthday gift! ^_^

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Einuj♥

Wee. it's my Huggy's 29th birthday... a manifestation of God's faithfulness in his life...

He is now busy preparing, not for a party but a sermon that he is going to preach for our Lighthouse at Iponan...

Go go go my einuj! May God continually bless you and gives you the desire of your ♥ :)

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