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TT/ Picture Perfect 14: My Great Kuya Ed

In our life, people come and go while others choose to stay. There are some whom you seldom meet but will remain a good friend if not the best. In my case, I got the opportunity to meet such kind of people and I truly thank God for their lives.

I may not able to communicate with them as often as it should be but the connection remains. To all those friends of mine whom I considered as a part of my family as well, I would like to mention one special person who made a difference and gave a great impact in my life... Meet Engr. Elpidio Amper Jr. or simply known as "Kuya Ed".

Kuya Ed back then...

I met Kuya Ed way back Year 2002. I was introduced to him by my classmates who were part of his Bible Study contacts. He paved the way for me to understand the truth about God and the reality of my salvation. He is my Spiritual Father. He's been in the Navigators Ministry for more or less 31 years. His faithfulness is greatly rewarded by God by giving him a Godly woman, helpmate, and wife who stood beside him through thick and thin... Ate Edith.

His ONE and ONLY
so sweet....


As they both continue with their life's journey, they have proven and tested God's faithfulness by being faithful as well to the works for the Lord. Kuya Ed is a full pledged Civil Engineer just like Ate Edith but he opt to be a full time missionary. He never regretted his decision for more than ten years now. He was with the Navigators Ministry who have nurtured him as well into a mature Christian.  Ate Edith is a High School teacher and a leader too. Amidst life's adversaries, they were never shaken because they knew their stand before God.

Their marriage was blessed with three wonderful children, Aziel, Jotham and Edrei. All their children are achievers with God's given talent and wisdom. Aziel, their only daughter already  finished her Baccalaureate degree while their two energetic sons are still pursuing with their studies. Indeed, they are one small yet happy family. 

Picture Perfect!

Their faithfulness extended up to the hundreds or thousands of youths perhaps who were now active on the ministry as well. I am so happy that some of his present Bible contacts were once my students. I may not be the instrument being used by God but I am so blessed knowing that they are   on the right direction.
Fruits of his labor....

Kuya Ed is indeed a fulfilled man who is so faithful with his ministry and a truly God fearing man.

Today, as he turned 51, his faithfulness remains and his enduring patience is inevitable. To you Kuya, I truly salute you and I am so happy for having you. You are one of a kind. Thank you so much for everything Kuya. I know I have lots of shortcomings and have been quite unfaithful to the Navigators Ministry but I always acknowledged how this Ministry have molded me into what I become right now. If not with Kuya's enduring patience, I just can't tell where I am right now. I remember those times when I am lost but yet Kuya never lose the patience to look for me and revive me spiritually. Though we do not often see each other, I know in my heart that Kuya Ed has been praying for me and to the rest of my batch mates. Thank you so much Kuya.

God will bless you richly.

In behalf of the Navs Batch 2000, Happy happy Birthday! We love you!

Picture Perfect

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Stefanie Brown said...

What an amazing tribute! Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a blessed weekend!

Holly Jahangiri said...

That's a very sweet tribute, Jackie. We should all be blessed to have such influences in our lives.

Holly Jahangiri
It's All a Matter of Perspective

Sharon - Grandma is a Writer said...

Wonderful tribute to this man who has had such an influence in your life. Many, many years ago I came to Christ through the Navigators ministry in Wisconsin, I discipled a girl who later married and went to the Philippines as a missionary with the Navigators. Perhaps her husband had some contact or influence in your Kuya Ed's life. Who can understand the ways of the Lord?

Blessings to you!

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