Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Over...

I posted yesterday how nervous I am for my scheduled interview. I was really so tensed that I got "sick" early this morning. I was scheduled in the afternoon but I tried going to the Conference Room in the morning only to find out so many applicants waiting for their turn. i went back to the office and decided to come after lunch time...

I was the first to take the hot seat in the afternoon. Though I am so nervous I kept on asking God for wisdom in all my answers. I can relate to the questions but I just cannot control myself from answering so fast. ( I wonder how they understood it) Anyway, the good thing was that it's over.

This is one thing that I am struggling about. I rather write than talk. I am not really good in answering random questions especially if on a situation like this wherein you need to impress the panel to get their favorable recommendation.

Anyway, I can now breathe calmly and go on with my assignments while waiting for the result. oops, I almost forgot, I still need to take the Evaluation Test

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