Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture Perfect 13: This Is It!

L♥ve is in the air...

While it is true that wedding preparations can cause us some stress, I still make it sure not to spoil the moment as we have our Pre-nuptial pictorials. This was taken in some isolated areas of Cagayan de Oro. Mind you, this pictorials cost us nothing but time, energy, effort and a Jolli meal as well as taxi fare. We do not spend for the entrance, for the talent fee and other miscellaneous fees. Thanks to our concerned church pals, Arjay and Julie for volunteering though Julie was replaced by ever cute and playful Keena who was very patient in assisting us during the pictorials. We're not able to pose before the "Tugas" tree because somebody cut it . (It was the reason why we overcome the scorching heat of the sun and the hilly road). But anyway, we had a great time at the abandoned gate, dirty concrete pipes, rocks, fountain (with still, dirty water) and on the pavement and other odd locations.

We did it for more or less two hours only due to some appointments of Keena and Arjay.
By the way, isn't this a picture perfect? 

Picture Perfect

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clavs said...

Picture perfect it is!
Ate clavs

Anonymous said...

yay.. that's what I like.. creating beautiful pictures at minimum cost.. :) congrats

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