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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Julie Tearjerky No More

I seldom see this woman cry... Unless you will let her talk and pour out her emotions you can really see her tears rolling down her cheeks while speaking using English language (nosebleed po ako!)

Julie, July, Miming but most of the time I called her Langga, my endearment to dear people like her.Currently she's our President in an all-female organization in our church. Like our past president, she is so active. In every activity, she wants to get things done as early as possible so she made it a point to do hands-on on every task that needs to be done. That's Julie. Young as she is, she is matured enough to handle an organization where most of the members are either older or much younger than her, but she was able to manage it. One thing that I admired most about this woman was her dedication which I guess I do not have. 

Need some help for any layout or design? Just call her and she's always willing to do it for you, that's one of her crafts, passions...

I am so blessed to have known this young, vibrant RN... Simple, beautiful, humble and simply amazing!

Love you girl! Here's the edited code for you so that it won't get error once clicked by our co-bloggers....My birthday gift! ^_^

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